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Curewell IV Haus, hangover cure, Vitamin Therapy, Weight Loss, Infusion Therapy, hangover help, Detroit, Royal Oak, Michigan.

         10:00 am. -  6:00 pm.
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About Us

Hydration is key to our overall health and wellness. It’s no secret that the majority of us are dehydrated. Hydration is the first step taken when we aspire to give our bodies what is needed most.

At Curewell, we not only provide that hydration in its most efficient and effective form, we will also maximize your benefits by infusing your IV with essential vitamins and minerals.
What does that mean for you ?

It means that every time you get IV therapy at Curewell, you are giving your body the optimum opportunity for total wellness.


 Popular Bags / Services


      Popular Bags/Services


The Great Lakes
The Survivor
Thin is In

À La Cart

(Items can be added to your infusion for the additional cost below)

Great Lakes +

VITAMIN C                                                                $50
VITAMIN B6                                                              $50
VITAMIN B12                                                             $50
GLUTATHIONE                                                        $50
MAGNESIUM                                                            $50
ANTI - INFLAMMATORY                                      $50
ZOFRAN                                                                     $50

CALM                                                                           $50

GLOW                                                                          $50

TOUCH OF LOVE    (add a bag)                            $50

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Look and feel your best, on            your big day

Home, Hotel and OfficeVisits available. 

          IV Therapy

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Take a pre-emptive strike

   Energy/ Immune boost


"Energy/Immune boost "

re-energize and boost your immune system with B12, B-Complex, Vitamin C


"Checked Bags"

Your pre-travel immune boost

Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium,Copper, Manganese, Chromium



First Responders & Military 20% off regular priced services.



Monthly Memberships now available starting at $175!    



      Vitamin D-3 $100.00  





I love the world, and exploring it.
I am constantly in the wild. Sometimes it goes well...Others, not so much. It was after one of those "not so much" times I decided to try IV therapy.

My body just felt off.  I was sore, consistent headaches, weak, and fatigued. I heard about the wonders of IV therapy,  happened to see Curewell previously, so decide to give them and it a try.
I tried the Survivor, and it sure didn't take long! I couldn't believe how fast it started to work.
The down time I usually experience was nonexistent after my visit. I am now a believer.
I'll definitely try IV therapy again. And, I'll definitely be going to Curewell when possible. The staff was great, their knowledge and understanding -great, the atmosphere- great, and most of all, my body felt GREAT! 


Thanks, Curewell! 

I had the worst flu. Fever, chills and this terrible ache in my bones. I couldn't keep anything down or in ! A friend recommended Curewell for IV therapy. She said that one drip would make a world of difference. She was 100% right. 

Immediately after my IV, I felt so much better ! All of my aches and fatigue were gone. It was like a miracle ! Thank you, Curewell !!

I am an Esthetician. Beautiful skin is my life! By far, more than any product I have seen, IV therapy does Wonders for the skin.

After noticing the difference in a client's skin, I asked her what she'd been doing. She said IV therapy! On her suggestion, I tried it. My skin responded with dramatic results. My face was smoother, supple, and had fewer visible lines.  

IV therapy will give your skin a healthy glow ! 

Janet Persons, At Home Mom

Virginia Holt, Esthetician

B. Tindle, Adventurist / Risk Taker


117 West Fourth Street, Royal Oak, MI, 48067 \  Tel: 248.629.9121


Monday 10:00am- 6:00pm

Wednesday - Saturday

10:00am  - 6:00pm

Sunday  10:00 am -4:00pm

(248) 629-9121

 We will insure social distancing of 6 ft for your safety

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