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About Us

Hydration is key to our overall health and wellness. It’s no secret that the majority of us are dehydrated. Hydration is the first step taken when we aspire to give our bodies what is needed most.

At Curewell, we not only provide that hydration in its most efficient and effective form, we will also maximize your benefits by infusing your IV with essential vitamins and minerals.
What does that mean for you ?

It means that every time you get IV therapy at Curewell, you are giving your body the optimum opportunity for total wellness.

À La Cart

(Items can be added to your infusion for the additional cost below)

Great Lakes / Touch of Love + 

VITAMIN C                                                                $50
VITAMIN B6                                                              $50
VITAMIN B12                                                             $50
GLUTATHIONE                                                        $50
MAGNESIUM                                                            $50
ANTI - INFLAMMATORY                                      $50
ZOFRAN                                                                     $50

CALM                                                                           $50

GLOW                                                                          $50


Look and feel your best, on            your big day

Home, Hotel and OfficeVisits available for parties of 4 or More 

          IV Therapy

Take a pre-emptive strike

   Energy/ Immune boost