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Monthly Memberships

Welcome to Curewell IV Haus Membership Tiers – your gateway to sustained wellness and vitality. As dedicated Wellness Warriors, we understand the importance of regular care in achieving and maintaining optimal health. That’s why we’ve designed our membership tiers to cater to your unique wellness needs, making it easier and more affordable to enjoy our range of IV and IM treatments. Join our community today and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you.

Basic Tier: "Hydration Essentials"

  • Monthly Fee: $120

  • Includes: 2 IV treatments from the Essential Wellness tier per month.

  • Perks: 10% discount on additional IV treatments, vitality enhancements, and IM injections, priority booking.

  • Ideal For: Those looking for regular hydration and wellness maintenance.

Mid Tier: "Enhanced Wellness"

  • Monthly Fee: $220

  • Includes: 2 IV treatments (any from the Essential Wellness or Enhanced Wellness tiers) per month.

  • Perks: 15% discount on additional IV treatments and IM injections, priority booking, and one free guest pass every 3 months.

  • Ideal For: Individuals seeking more comprehensive wellness support, including enhanced immune function and energy levels.

Premium Tier: "Ultimate Revitalization"

  • Monthly Fee: $350

  • Includes: 2 IV treatments per month (any tier, excluding The Works and NAD+ treatments), plus one IM injection of choice per visit (excluding NAD+)

  • Perks: 15% discount on additional treatments, priority booking, 1 free guest passes every 3 months, and a free wellness consultation upon signing up.

  • Ideal For: Wellness enthusiasts and those looking for the most comprehensive health and wellness support, including detoxification, recovery, and anti-aging benefits.

Join our Curewell community today and let us support you on your journey to optimal health. Whether you’re taking the first step or seeking the ultimate wellness experience, our membership tiers and gift card program provide the flexibility, benefits, and care you deserve.

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