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At present, the YFCC100M is the first product of the new series smartphone camera product launched by Xiaomi, and the two manufacturers continue to jointly market and jointly promote the two models of the two camera sensor, together with the . The two company jointly promoted with a professional product . 2.2. Application programming interface (API) {#s0020} --------------------------------------------- There are many functions that can be used to develop the Android application, such as camera exposure, shutter release, flash, lens, etc. Android provides a unified and convenient API for the various camera functions. The Android developers have also added many basic functions to support the camera sensor and hardware. These include ISO selection, video recording, video playback, and so on. We have added native camera control, i.e., support for snapshot, video call, flash photo, and so on. YFCC100M Android API is a natural standard interface to operate the mobile phone and make the image and video data visible to the public. 2.3. Applications interface {#s0025} --------------------------- The camera function usually contains many different functions, each of which requires a corresponding interface; for example, the shutter release button can be pressed, the lens can be opened, the flash can be turned on, and so on. YFCC100M has its own operation interface, camera modes (brightness, exposure, focus, white balance, and so on), flash, and other modes. The interface is also customized for the camera sensor, and the corresponding settings can be selected according to the user's preferences. The camera can be powered on and off, and the shooting mode can be selected. It is also possible to change the brightness, switch the flash on and off, change the contrast, and adjust the white balance. These features can be used as the foundation of the development of the application interface. 2.4. Application program interface (API) {#s0030} ----------------------------------------- As a powerful open source library for Android, the API provides the most commonly used mobile phone functions. It supports several APIs, such as those for cameras, phones, earphones, sound, mobile data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, fingerprint readers, screen orientation, and so on. 2.5. Application packages {#s0035} ------------------------- Many apps are available on the Google Play Store. Many other smartphone applications are available for free download on the



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